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  • Mtirala National Park

    Mtirala National Park

    This subtropical tour is for nature lovers, with a lot of adventures like zip-line (omega), hiking in the wild nature, seeing waterfall and river of beautiful subtropical nature of Georgia and of course, in the end, you will have delicious lunch from local farmers.  The Mtirala Mountain is the most humid place in Georgia. This is where […]

  • Camping Above the Clouds

    Camping Above the Clouds

    Georgia is an ideal playground for those who like a variety of camping adventures. Georgia’s pure nature and ancient culture allows you to enjoy comfort, consistency and hospitality across the country, and our campgrounds and attractions offer inviting settings for sleeping under the stars. We offer the camping in most authentic place in Georgia, imagine yourself sitting above the sky and […]

  • Machakhela Tour

    Machakhela Tour

    Here you will have the opportunity to visit one of the oldest and the most beautiful places in Adjara, where you will be surprised by the ancient fortresses, bridges, waterfalls and of course the beautiful nature of Machakhela valley. In this tour there is combined nature and culture together, you can get familiar with local village […]

  • Village Tour

    Village Tour

    Get familiar with traditional rules of cattle breeding, poultry raising, vegetable growing, gardening and bee keeping, hiking, camping, hunting. In addition, try fishing and learn popular national trades including long-basket plaiting, knitting and iron elaboration, tobacco refining, vodka brewing, traditional ways of cooking local dishes, horse-racing, visiting historical and cultural sites.   Start point: Batumi […]