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  • Svaneti Hiking Tour

    Svaneti Hiking Tour

    The trip to highland region of Georgia, that you will never forget. Svaneti is the paradise on earth with its untouchable nature and authentic cultural monuments. Hiking to the glaciers of Caucasian mountains will make your trip an unforgettable travel experience. About Svaneti Svaneti is located to the north-west part of Georgia, at the Greater Caucasus mountains. […]

  • Machakhela National Park

    Machakhela National Park

    This is a hiking trip in the national park which is located 50 km. from Batumi. This tour is for hike lovers. During the trip you will see the beautiful views of mountains, rivers, waterfalls. You can hike to the top of the mountain to enjoy the fairy tale view that you never seen before. Also hiking deep […]