Svaneti Skiing

In Svaneti there are two modern ski resorts: Hatsvali and Tetnuldi. The first one started operating several years ago. It is located in 8 km from Mestia.

Tetnuldi Ski Resort – the second biggest national winter resort (after Gudauri). Tetnuldi, is operation since February 2016. It is located at the same-name mountain. Three POMA lifts will deliver you to an altitude from 1600 m to 3165 m.

  Tetnuldi Ski Resort has 4 ski lifts and 30 km of ski runs, the longest one is 9.5 km.

Hatsvali Ski Resort – is 8 km away from Mestia. Lower lift station is located at an altitude of 1865 meters;

the equipment rentals are nearby.

 Leitner ski lift will take you up to the mountain Zuruldi (2347 meters above sea level) within 10 minutes.

At the resort there are also two smaller ski lifts 600 and 800 meters long.

There three pistes in use: red (1900 m), blue (2600 m) and one for the beginners (300 m).

If you are for extreme feelings, go ahead with free-riding, back-country, and ski touThe upper cable car station is located on Mount Zuruldi (2347 m).

Ski trek in Mestia, Svaneti, Georgia
Lamaria church in Ushguli, Svaneti. Georgia













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